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2014– on April 25, 2014 I will be leaving Dyer , Indiana on the Indiana/Illinois border and head east along the 1928 version of the first transcontinental highway…THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY.  Check out the schedule on my blog page when you can. I will end my journey this year walking from New Haven to the Indiana/Ohio border on May 5.  Hope to see you out there!

The map below shows both early routes.  The route in all blue is the original or 1913 route and the route we walked in 2011.  This time we are walking west to east leaving Dyer on April 25, following the blue line to Valparaiso where will pick up the red line and follow it all the way to Ft. Wayne, where we will once again join the blue line on over to the Ohio border. This alignment is known as the 1928 alignment as the founding fathers of the Lincoln Highway sought shorter routes over the years.


Here are the daily stops in case you want to walk along…

April 25        Dyer to Merrillville                  11 miles

April 26         Merrillville to Valparaiso       15 miles

April 27         Valparaiso to Hanna                12 miles

April 28         Hanna to Hamlet                      13 miles

April 29         Hamlet to Plymouth                15 miles

April 30         Plymouth to Etna Green         15 miles

May 1             Etna Green to Warsaw            15 miles

May 2             Warsaw to Columbia City        17 miles

May 3             Columbia City to Ft Wayne     14 miles

May 4             Ft Wayne to New Haven          13 miles

May 5            New Haven to IN/OH border   14 miles



                                            2011 Information                                                                                                                                                                        On Thursday, April 14th, 2011 I’ll start my journey on the Indiana Lincoln Highway at the Ohio/Indiana border and continue on for about 12-14 miles each day for 14 days.  My journey will take me across Indiana through many small towns and provide the opportunity to see many terrific landmarks.

Follow me or walk with me along the way to help raise money and awareness for both the Indiana Lincoln Highway and the Alzheimer’s Association.

I’ll finish up my journey on Wednesday, April 27th at the Indiana/Illinois border.  Here is a brief day-by-day schedule of the trip:

April 14 – OH/IN border to New Haven (11.3 miles)
April 15 – New Haven to Ft Wayne (11.4 miles)
April 16 – Ft Wayne to Churubusco (12 miles)
April 17 – Churubusco to Kimmel (14 miles)
April 18 – Kimmel to W. of Ligonier (13.1 miles)
April 19 – W. of Ligonier to Goshen (13 miles)
April 20 – Goshen to Mishawaka (14.4 miles)
April 21 – Mishawaka to South Bend (12.4 miles)
April 22 – South Bend to New Carlisle (11.9 miles)
April 23 – New Carlisle to La Porte (13.4 miles)
April 24 – La Porte to Westville (10.5 miles)
April 25 – Westville to Valparaiso (10.6 miles)
April 26 – Valparaiso to Schereville (12.8 miles)
April 27 – Schereville to IN/IL border (9.7 miles)

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8 Responses to Schedule and Map

  1. Elizabeth Gorski says:

    Hey Jeff!

    Do you have people signed up for the long 17 mile walk, Wed. April 20th? If there is still room, sign me up for that day. You can sing as loud as you want.


    • jeffblair says:

      The 20th might not be the prettiest walk, Elizabeth. It is from Goshen (my hometown) through Elkhart and along what is today an industrial section of the state in west Elkhart and Osceola. Some better days would be 4/16, 4/17 (Carol and I will spend the night at an old B&B in Kimmell after?), 4/18, 4/22 (another night at a historic B&B in New Carlisle after the walk), 4/23, 4/24.

  2. Gina DeLaruelle says:

    My husband and I would like to walk with you from the Sample Street intersection to Michigan Street in memory of our family that we have lost due to Alzheimer’s. We will have a donation in hand. Can you give an estimated time that you would be in that area? Thank you and hope to meet up with you tomorrow.

  3. Bruce Johnson says:

    I am a LHA member and am looking forward to seeing you in La Porte on Saturday! Do you have any idea what time you expect to arrive? Are you scheduled to make appearances at certain places in La Porte? If you need a free place to spend the night, I have a guest room! Best wishes on a successful journey!

    • jeffblair says:

      Hello Bruce. I have accomodations for the night of April 23 in La Porte. I beleive we cross the time zone that day so will gain an hour and expect to arrive around 3:00 central time. So far I do not have any specific plans that afternoon or evening. A good frined, Jim Bevins, is working on 2-3 things for interviews, etc. but nothing firm yet. With Easter the next day and arriving on a Saturday, it is toughter than normal to book activites, see people.

  4. Sharon Piechorowski says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’ll be at the office in downtown South Bend at 227 S. Main Street, St. 200. Please let me know where you plan to eat lunch and I’ll meet with a donation. Would also like to walk from Sample to Michigan or meet up along the way into town. Office is 234-2860 or 584-6514. Saw the article in the paper and caught you on the late news on TV last night. What a wonderful adventure and for such a good cause. Bless you and the other walkers and new friends you’ve made along the way across our state.

  5. Linda Slabaugh says:

    Hey guys…just checking in. Still praying for you & better weather. See you next Sunday. Happy Easter. Love & prayers,
    Linda Slabaugh

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